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Minnesota childcare services is a garbage place. It is not a childcare center.

the place is dirty. kids vomit every where. when you get there the smell is unbelievable. There are dirty diapers on the hall way.

There are trash every classroom. there are books, pencils or papers. The childcare owners are ignorant they don't even know how to run the place they just want the money and want to see how much they can pocket. many children got sick for just being there.

some thing has to be done in this childcare center. and I wonder why would anyone see it

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Minnesota Child Care Services, inc Minneapolis


If you have children, please stay away or use caution for your kids. The owners of this company Abdirizak and Abdirashid are two greedy men that don't seem to care for caring innocent small children.

Rather they are interested in making money of off the kids and their families.

The center also lacks many safety features as well is under staffed on purpose to save money. I would not recommend this to any parent.

One of them made the comment "I didn't raise my kids and don't really understand them" how then can he possibly care for your children.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #949855

i am a parent of Minnesota child care and i been since they open April 4 2012. it is a great place .


Minnesota childcare services should be checked by the state.


MInnesota childcare services is the worst daycare ever. most teacher are not licensed teachers.

the place is unclean. There are no books for the kids to read. No toys. nothing.

The owners don't care.

all they care is how much money they can pocket and who ever says anything will be fired in seconds... so teachers have to shut their mouth and work

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